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Get Rid of That Nagging Feeling

Get Rid of That Nagging Feeling

Lake-Cook Road, Flat Tire, Rush Hour, Go-Bag—guess what was missing.

At some point in the last six months, I lost my go-bag with my emergency car supplies. I keep one in the back of my car. There were several times when I was hauling things for our perpetual remodel, and my guess is that I left it sitting somewhere–just not in my car–which kind of defeats the purpose of a go-bag.

The bad news is that I haven’t replaced my go-bag. (I am subject to the same ailment that has plagued humans for millennia: procrastinare (Latin), aka procrastination and otherwise known as “I’ll get to it tomorrow.” Literally, it’s pro (forward) and crastinus (of tomorrow). Hmmm, forward of tomorrow suggests not actually tomorrow but even later.)

The good news is that I haven’t needed it yet, but I could have used it for the disposable jumpsuit in that bag while I was working with my spare. (But that’s another blog for another day.) Yet every time I think about it, I get that sinking feeling, which is accompanied by “What if…?

I know that I should put it together, and I will…someday.

If you search for “go-bag,” you will find hundreds of sites with lists, suggestions and interesting tips, but unless you actually assemble the bag and put it in your car, that information won’t help you in an emergency.

This reminds me of people who have yet to sign their legal estate documents or start their Roth IRA or Back Door Roth. They know they should, but they will take care of it forward of tomorrow. They might research and read about the strategy and get really good advice, but until they sign on the dotted line, that information won’t improve their situation.

So what is the thing you have put off until forward of tomorrow that you should really take care of today? What is that thought that nags at you and gives you a sinking feeling?

  1. Jot it down on a note or in your phone or calendar.
  2. Set a date for completion.
  3. Write down the steps needed to get it done.
  4. Just do it.


P.S.I have already pulled out an old backpack—and my date for completion is this weekend!

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