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Retirement: Why to STAY in Chicagoland

Many people consider moving when retiring.

 If you live Chicago or its suburbs, it may be a good idea to stay put.

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Biotech Breakthroughs Are Wreaking Havoc on Retirement Plans – Are You Prepared?

Biotech Breakthroughs Are Wreaking Havoc on Retirement Plans – Are You Prepared?

Biotech is experiencing a period of breakthrough advancements.  Immunotherapies, gene-editing, stem cell therapies, and targeted cancer treatments are among many technologies providing amazing new avenues to cure previously debilitating and fatal diseases.  The ability to share advancements through the internet has fueled the progress.  People are living longer thanks to these therapies.

Biotech’s advancements are wreaking havoc on peoples’ retirement plans and the effect has been greatly underestimated.  People approaching retirement have watched their parents and grandparents retire from work at 65 and then live a few years before passing.  But average life expectancy has increase from 68 years in 1950 to 79 years in 2013.  It is more and more common to know someone who is 100+ years old.  Strokes, if treated quickly, are no longer the death sentence they once were. 

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