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The Devil Is In The Details

The Devil Is In The Details

Several years ago I received a call from an acquaintance. They had a financial plan done by one of those salespeople dressed like a financial planner. This friend had sold them an annuity several years prior, and he said, “I can even do a financial plan for you at no charge.” They took him up on the offer and the plan showed they could retire in a couple of years. But they felt uncertain and the planner simply said, “trust me it will all work out,” without reviewing any of the assumptions in the plan. They just weren’t certain they would have the abundance they were hoping for.

They were very uncomfortable. It seemed too good to be true. They had this gnawing feeling that something wasn’t right. They were not certain they could retire without running out of money down the road. They wrestled with that thought for a few months and then gave me a call. They knew I was a Certified Financial Planner® practitioner and since they were struggling with this “everything will be ok financial plan” they decided to ask me for a second opinion.

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Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

Is it really possible to retire abundantly? It can seem overwhelming to find the answer. Where do you begin to figure this out? The questions start swirling…

  • Have I chosen the right investments?
  • Am I saving enough?
  • Am I using the best retirement plan?
  • Am I missing some important tax deductions?
  • How do I balance what I need today with an uncertain future?

And if you are younger additional questions pop up like:

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